only one week left and the first fontomas year is done. the site will be on hold for some weeks after issue #52 to prepare the cd-rom/booklet and maybe to start with the long proposed other font-site. this weeks font is a pixelated one in three weights - very nice in large sizes.

if you like to see the full characterset
> pinx.

Xtra more than 800 people decided to write us a mail that they are very interested in receiving one of the fontomas cds (for more info click on the fez) and they'll for sure be informed about the release some days earlier.
that's great - thank you all!

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don't forget - the previous "fonts of the week" are no longer available for download.
here's what you've missed until now from the beginning:


::: casarramona



if you are interested to promote your own free-fonts via fontomas, please don't hesitate to contact us.
we've received many great designs since the launch.


+++short note+++

i spy
font #45 I SPY will not be available for free any longer and so it will not be included on the forthcoming cd. I SPY is going to be used extensively in the corporate design of a young german filmproduction based in konstanz. i'll try to create a reasonable alternative.

my girl
there's a new typeface available at fountain very soon, which has been sleeping on my harddrive for over two and a half years. it's going to be fixed during the next days. still working on a thin version.


if you are interested please contact mr. bruhn and tell him how much you'd love to get a copy when it's available.






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i've started a guestbook at beseen.com on request by many people - use it!



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