after the first fontomas year we'll publish a cd-rom with every single font (except no.36 JETSET and no. 45 ISPY) from this site (mac/pc) and many previously unpublished alphabets, not to mention the gloomy colored booklet.
cd-rom will also include some really funky (or should i say fonty?!) digital gadgets, pictures and movies. the edition will probably be limited to 800 copies, so you really have to hurry up when the sale starts at the end of november.
stay tuned and keep your wallets well prepared to get one copy some weeks before xmas 2001. the whole profit will be given to a children's project by the international humanitary organization worldvision/germany.

the price should be something round 25-30 EURO / 25-30 $ + shipping. if you are interested in possibly purchasing one and if you want to be informed about the release, - please join the list via email simply by sending a BLANK email to:


no ordering at this time - it's just a good way to check how many items we have to produce.

more infos on the cd very soon.

more than 800 people decided to write us a mail that they are very interested in receiving one of the fontomas cds and they'll for sure be informed about the release some days earlier.

that's great - thank you all!


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