reason why

some days ago rob flack wrote the following e-mail - it's a subject i've been asked for some times - so i decided to publish my answer:

>>good service at fontomas..but i don't get why you have to take away previous fonts for download, it seems pretty pointless, if not pedantic. I missed a few of your fonts and now i want them. what should i do.
rob <<

>>pedantic - yes, thats the right word.

i got some bad experiences with eyesaw, most people do use the web as a huge supermarket and they grab every thing for free they can have. there are less people out there who give their respect to the authors who did and made all the free products or just say "thank you".
when i thought about the next step of eyesaw i decided to include some limitations - it's harder to get the files, you have to be there at the right time or you have to ask for it. the way is a harder one but the "things" are getting more "valuable".


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