this is <tricky> followed by its companion <treat> - a little bit blocky, a little bit sci-fi.
any comments?!?

btw - more than 400 people decided to write us a mail that they are very interested in receiving one of the fontomas cds (info below) later this year. that's great - thank you all!

just click on the pic above to get a full view and to download the file - available for mac and pc.
use the latest version of stuffit expander to open the mac-archives.

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after the first fontomas year we'll publish a cd-rom with every single font from this site (mac/pc) and many previously unpublished alphabets, not to mention the gloomy colored booklet.
so, stay tuned and keep your wallets well prepared to get one copy some weeks before xmas 2001. the whole profit will be given to a children's project by the international humanitary organization worldvision/germany.

the price should be something round 25 EURO / 25 $ + shipping. if you are possibly interested in purchasing one, - please drop me a note. no ordering at this time - it's just a good way to check how many items we have to produce.

more infos on the cd very soon.


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not enough font?!?!
this is shyfonts and they are giving away tons of alphabets for free...>>>

and here's another one - searching for a cool looking comicfont?! at blambot you'll find plenty of them...>>>




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don't forget - the previous "fonts of the week" are no longer available for download.
here's what you've missed until now from the beginning:

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if you are interested to promote your own free-fonts via fontomas, please don't hesitate to contact us.
we've received many great designs since the launch.



a special offer by matthew from atomicmedia:

Atomic Media offers $15.00 off on each purchase of PixelPak or DigiPak, normally $99.00. Comes in Mac and Windows Type 1 PS versions.

PixelPak includes include 9 Fonts/23 weights perfect for Flash/Web/WAP design.
DigiPak consists of 9 fonts/20 weights
of display pixel fonts for Flash/web/WAP

Use the code "Atomic-2377" on the order page (at the bottom of the page where you fill out your name.)